Sunday, February 24, 2008

The quest for "King" Abs

The year 2008 plods mercilessly on, almost to month number three. As a way to distract myself, I am hereby embarking on a quest. The quest for "King" abs.
Who is King Abs, you ask? Well, in Chinese 王字腹肌 (wang2 zi1 fu4 ji1) means "王-shaped abdominal muscles." 王 means "king" (it is also the surname Wang), but it is also a shape, and if you use your imagination, you can see that "6-pack abs" pattern in the shape of the character. Here is an ASCII dude with King abs:
 / \
 \ |

See? OK. So here is the plan: In six weeks, I will give myself two gifts:
1) a full-time job
2) a brand new set of King abs

I will go about this quest by doing copious amounts of cardiovascular activity, eating mainly chicken, leafy greens and peppers, and eggs. And string cheese.
I will also be applying to at least two jobs a week, no matter what they are.

I'll track my progress on this blog over the next six weeks. Don't worry, I won't put up any before pictures.

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